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Our Sponsorship Packages


Creating your Sponsorship Spot


Companies, businesses, organizations and nonprofits can create their own message by sending a script to be produced by Lake Effect Radio to


Sponsorship Levels


Premium Level Sponsorship:                  $300


1. Exclusive sponsorship of one radio show or station spotlight

      A. i.e. Sports Talk Time brought to you by (your business)

2. The option for one live, in studio, interview during the course of the semester.

3. On-air mentions, two times an hour during commercial breaks, produced for the full semester

      A. 8AM to 5PM in the student commons

      B. 24 hours a day streaming at

                        i. 48 spots per day

                        ii. Commercial logs will be kept on file


Plus Level Sponsorship:                           $200


1. On-air mentions, two times an hour, produced for the full semester

      A. 8AM to 5PM live in the Lakeland student commons

      B. 24 hours a day streaming at

                         i. 48 spots per day

                         ii. Commercial logs will be kept on file


Base level sponsorship:                            $100


1. One produced on-air mention an hour, produced for the full semester

      A. 8AM to 5PM live in the Lakeland student commons

      B. 24 hours a day streaming at

                        i. 24 spots per day

                        ii. Commercial logs will be kept on file



What Do You Get When You Become a Sponsor?

A. What You Receive:

     1. Copy of receipt

     2. Recorded Spot(s) for approval

     3. Signed Sponsorship logs available upon request


B.  Premium Level Sponsorship Interview:

     A. One Hour Long Interview during the Semester

            1. The videos can be sent to you for your own      promotional use by email or flash drive.



Lakeland Community College Demographics


A. 8,358 Students During 2019 Spring Semester

B. 8,854 Students During 2018 Fall Semester

     i. Male/ Female

1. 58.8% Female Students

2. 41.2% Male Students

    ii. Age

        1. 17 & Under – 15.0%

        2. 18-21 – 34.1%

        3. 22- 24 – 12.8%

        4. 25-30 – 14.9%

        5. 31-39 – 10.7%

        6. 40 & Over – 12.5%


* Demographic information taken from the “Lakeland Community College Highlights of Enrollment Spring 2018 Report.”


Lake Effect Radio Demographics of Online Viewers

A. 18,774 webstream viewers during the Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 Spring Semesters

     i. During Fall Semester of 2018, 9,250 people were reached

     ii. During Spring Semester of 2019, 9,524 people were reached

Reasons to look at Lake Effect Radio Station


Look for Sponsorships

Radio stations are promotional engines, and there are at least two ways you can get on board. First, most stations offer the opportunity to sponsor news, weather reports or other types of regular programming. As a sponsor, you'll typically get additional mentions, such as with "billboards," which are announcements of your sponsorship that lead into special programming. Often, sponsorship will guarantee your spots air first in the commercial breaks, or pods, so you'll reach more listeners before they have a chance to switch stations or tune out during long breaks.

Radio stations also get involved in the community with special events. Look for sponsorship opportunities that include on-air mentions, as well as visibility at the events themselves. And be sure to seek out events that are well attended by your target audience and put your company in the spotlight.


Entertain the Audience

Once you've evaluated the proposals from the radio stations and negotiated and finalized your buys, you'll need effective spots. Since radio spot production is rarely a do-it-yourself job, you'll most likely work with a local production company, agency or station. But you should understand a few basics to be an effective part of the team and keep them on track.

Great radio spots grab and hold attention, usually through humor. They may also use sounds, compelling music or unusual voices to grab attention. Your spots must tell stories or present situations your target audience can relate to. To keep your audience listening to your spots month after month, make them part of an ongoing campaign theme. Your audience will listen for the newest versions, helping extend your message more successfully than if you were to run unrelated spots. For maximum results, make your call to action--a URL or phone number--easy to remember and tie it in with your company name or message.



Radio Advertisements Can Air Quickly

Television or newspaper advertisements can take weeks, if not months of production before the target audience ever sees them. Radio advertisements can be written, produced and aired all in the same day if a station has open advertising slots on its program log. 


Radio Advertisements Hit a Target Audience

Many potential clients may be confused by the term "target audience" because they want to sell their products to everyone. That's why they often waste money on ineffective newspaper or TV advertising that doesn't reach their potential customers.

Radio formats make targeting an audience easy. Most business owners instinctively know if the people they want to reach listen to hip-hop, country or sports radio.

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