Our Executive Staff

Lake Effect Radio is operated by students under the direction of the Department of Student Engagement & Leadership and two faculty advisers

Lake Effect Radio senior staff is made up of the finest students Lakeland Community College has to offer. Which all student positions are voted on each year academic year. Whom all share a passion for radio and delivering great content and entertainment. Even serve the college, students, and community that listens.

Faculty Advisers:


Jesse Eastman  -  jeastman@lakelandcc.edu


Tim Pringey  -  tpringey2@lakelandcc.edu



Student Directors:


General Manager - Jeremiah Mrazeck     jeremiahm3@gmail.com


Assistant General Manager - Rami Gilford     opmgloballlc@gmail.com


Public Relations Director - J.J Mccreery     jjmccreery51@gmail.com


Production Director - Allison Airey     jacktroll01@gmail.com


Advertising Director - Anna Nicole Valletto      jacktroll01@gmail.com


Treasurer - Mike Tomc      mtomc5@mail.lakelandcc.edu


Secretary - AnnaMarie Karabinus     annemariekarb@gmail.com

© 2019 by Lakeland's Lake Effect Radio Station

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