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Our Interview History

Since the spring semester of 2013, Lake Effect Radio has brought in a variety of different groups, including: bands, artists, park districts, visitor's bureaus, Lakeland student clubs, Lakeland departments, and much more! The groups listed below are just some of the many organizations to have made an appearance at Lake Effect Radio. Not on the list? Contact us at, or 440-525-7035 to inquire about an appearance with us!

A number after a group's name indicates how many times they have appeared on Lake Effect Radio since the spring of 2013!


2D6 Music  

A Brilliant Night  (3)

A Song For Her  (2)

A Work of Fiction  (2)

Aaron Kilgore  

Abadon Faluz  (2)


Adam Russell  (5)

AJ and the Woods  (4)

Altered Generation  (2)

Altered Sky  

Amaranthe  (2)

An American Astronaut  

An Honest Year  

An Ongoing Story  (3)

An Hour Late, Drunk  (4)

Anchors to Anchors   

Anna Petrova  

Anna Root  

Anthony Doran  

ARIA  (2)

Arian Greene (4)



Atomic Grave  (2)

Audience of Rain  (4)

Avery Green  

Bad Hounds  


Before the Streetlights  

Best of None  (2)

Bill Carrick  

Bill Scheib  (3)

Black and Broke  (2)



Bloc Burnaz  

Blue Radio  (5)

Bob Wick

BoobJ  (2)

Bow & Arrow (2)

Bradd Hilston  

Brenna Lynn  

Brigids Cross  

Brain Alan Hager (5)

Brian Matheny (2)

Bro Dylan  (2)

C Level  (2)  

Call Us Kings  (2)

Call Your Shot  (3)


Carnage Bodybagg  (6)



Chad Stafford  (2)

Chardon Polka Band  

Chil  (5)



Chris Black  (6)

Christian Evans  (3)

Chuck Chapman  

Cleveland Gary Lee  (12)

Clumsy Words  

Collective Unity  (2)

Color of Noise  (3)

Color Theory  

Contacts & Confidence  (2)

Corry Michaels (2)

Courage My Love   

Craig Rich  (2)



Dan Leseur  (5)

Daniel Rylander  (6)

Danny Shipley  (2)

Darling Waste  (4)

David Curtis  (2)

Davey Squires  (5)

Dead Gumbies  (3)

Dear Jimmy Band  

DisgraceD  (2)


Douglas Nichoson  

Dragon Rock Rejects  

Dre Walton  

Eduardo Lampert  (2)

Elbow Room  

Elyse Saunders  


Enacting An Era   


Eric Wilson  (4)

Erica Blinn  

Erienauts  (2)

Erin Burke  (8)

Erised  (8)


Fallen Captive  

Fifth House  

Film Strip  

Flat Ocean


Flight 619

Flops Ego  (2)

Franchyze  (5)

Frank Palangi  


Gina Brooklyn  

Goldleaf  (2)

Good Night Tonight  (3)

Graceful Closure  

Grim Republic  

Guy Snowdon  


Hazy Flow  (3)

Helix Reign  

Hey Oh Well  

Home Before Midnight

Honk Tonk Angels  (2)

Hit the Ground Running   



I AON Records

I Fight Fail  

Impending Lies  

Indians Wear Moccasins  

Instead of Sleeping  

Iron Bison  

James Emmett  (2)

Jamil Hairston  

Jared Mahone

 Jim Mrozek

Joe Bova  

Joey Liberatore  (2)

John Patrick Halling  

Joshua Robert  (2)


Kayla Bickerton  


Kevin Conaway  (4)

Key to the Mint  (2)

Keys and Corridors  (3)

Kid Tested  

Kim Kennedy  (3)

Konipshun Phit  (3)

The Knight Shift Band (5)

Kr8terfase  (2)

Land of Panda  (2)

Lea Marra & The Dream Catchers


Life Through Protraits  

Light Weight Slams  

Lost In Tonight  (2)


Lost Sailor Symphony  (2)

Loud Reality Records  

Love Like Violence  

LoyalT  (2)


Map the World  (2)

Marina Strah  (3)

Mason District  

Matt Miller  

Matthieu Miller  

Marley SKE

Meg & The Magnetosphere  (2)

Meg Stepka  

Megan Zurkey  

Melanie May  

Michael McFarland  (7)

Michelle Gaw  

Mike Mike  (2)

Mike Sandy  (3)

Miss Dreadful  (2)

Mister Fabulous & Bad Boys  (3)

Modern Electric  


Moon Rocks  

Mopi Dykk

Morgan Mecaskey  


Morning in May  (2)


Mr. Carnivore  

Murphy's Children  

Nameless  (3)

Nathan Jame & the Scarlet Thread  (2)




New Diaries  (2)

New Disease  (3)

New Moon Rising  

Nick Zuber  

Night Wolf  (6)

Northern Weather  (2)


Oolong Gurus

Once Magnetic  

Palm Trees and Power Lines  



Phil Fitz  (5)

Pizza Creeps  (2)

Playboi Juan  (3)

Prince Ish  

Promise Hero  (6)

Punch Drunk Tagalongs  


Recess  (3)

Rise Without Reason  


Rule of Young  

Santino Palma  (2)

Savant Prison  

Says She  (3)


Scenic Route  (4)

Sean Benjamin  

Sebby Kowalski  (3)

Seconds to Live

Self Taught No Lessons

Service Of Serpents  

Shadow Division  (2)

Shy Moon  (2)

Shadowrow  (7)

Sink the Ship  

Skuff Micksun  (2)

Soleo  (2)

Something Involving A Monkey

Soulus  (2)

South of the Moon  

Spazzo  (5)

Spirit of the Bear  

Stage of Reality  

Starlight Secret  (3)

Still Being

Stitched up Hearts   

Stupid Beautiful Heaven  (4)

Styles 83

Subtle Q

Sub-Radio Standard  

Superstar Kay  

Tana Matza  

Taylor Lamborn  (7)

Taylor Scott  

The Bassics  (4)

The Commonwealth  

The Drexels  

The Drift Tones  

The Dirty Youth  

The Have Nots  

The Kwikles (4)

The Living  (2)

The Lowlies  (2)

The Midnight Slander  

The Morning Bird

The Nearly Deads  (3)

The Outer Waves  

The Ready Fuels

The Safest Ledge (2)

The Sonder Bombs  

The Tie Downs  (2)

The Vexies  

Thieves and Lovers  (2)

Three Legged Charis 

The Tie Downs

Titans in Time  (2)

Tommy Katoch  (2)

Traphouse Rave  

Trusoul Davis (2)

Trusting Obscurity  (3)

Up To Nothing  

Uptight Sugar  

Venom  (2)

Vibe and Direct   

Voodoo Brother  

Walking In Circles  

Wanted Bon Jovi Tribute  


War Stories  

We’re All Lost  



Whiskey Hollow  

Whiskey Protocol  (2)

White Chapel

Window Dogs  

Windsor Circle 

Years Before (2)


Zero Set Memory  

Lakeland Departments


Lakeland Athletics  (4) 

Lakeland Campus Police  (2) 

Lakeland Career Services  (2)

Lakeland Foundation  (2) 

Lakeland Gallery Coordinator  (2)  

Lakeland Geospatial Technology Program  

Lakeland Help Desk  

Lakeland Hispanic Program  (2) 

Lakeland Histotechnology Program  

Lakeland Holden University Center (14)

Lakeland Library  (2) 

Lakeland Men Center  (2)

Lakeland Music Department  

Lakeland Parks and Rec  (2) 

Lakeland Student Engagement and Leadership  (2) 

Student Service Center (2)

Lakeland Student Services 

Lakeland Sustainability  (4)

Lakeland Women’s Center  (5)  

Lakeland Student Clubs

Amnesty International  (2) 

Anime Anonymous  (3) 

Artageddon (2)

Campus Activities Board  (3)

Campus Christians  (2) 

Civil Engineering Technology Student Association  

Gamer’s Guild  (4)

Green Group  

Hispanic Union Club  (2)

Karate Club  

Lakeland Student Government  (3) 

Lakeland Veterans Association 

Lakeland Student Veterans of America (3)


Model UN/NATO  (3) 

Musician’s Guild  

Phi Theta Kappa  

Society for the Aide of Nonprofit Organizations  

Stage Drama Club  

Thousand Shoes Skat  



Cleveland State University  (4) 

Franklin University  (6) 

Hiram College  (5)

Tiffin University  

University of Toledo  (2) 

Ursuline College  (2) 

Youngstown State University 


Other Organizations

AFC Cleveland  

Akron Zoo  (3)

Alzheimer's Association Northeast Ohio Chapter  (2)

Ambient Photo Art  

Auburn Pointe Greenhouse  

Big Brothers Big Sisters  (2)


Blind Soldiers  


Bryan Stars  


Camelot Cellars  

Cardinal Credit Union  (5)

City of Painesville  (3)

Cleveland Animal Protective League  

Cleveland Foodbank  (4)

Cleveland Kids Book Bank (2)

Coach House

Coast to Coast Crankers  

Comedian Shen Frieson

Conneaut Lyric Theater Guild  

Cora Cupcakes  

Crepes in the City  

Diversity Center of NE Ohio  (3)

DJ’s Hope 4 Hearts  (2)

Drink Local Drink Tap


Hannah’s Home

Fair Housing Resource Center  (3)

Fine Arts Association  

Finnish Heritage Museum 

Forbes House (2)  

Geauga Habitat for Humanity  

Geauga Library  (4)

Geek Expo  (4)

George Phillips  

Girl Scouts NEO (3)

Glow Golf  (3)                            

Great Lakes Mall  

Guhde Flooring America 

Hannah’s Home

Harmony Studios  

Haunted Winery and Corn Maze  

Hospice of Western Reserve (6)

Ian Kallay  

It’s All You Resale

Iris D. Parker  

Junior Achievement 

Just Add Water

Lake County Council on Aging  

Lake County Free Clinic  

Lake County General Health District  (5)

Lake County Historical Society  

Lake County Humane Society  (4)

Lake County Prosecutor's Office  

Lake County Right to Life  

Lakeside Safety Management

Lake County Speedway  (2)

Laketran  (6)

Leadership Lake County  

LGBTQ+ Allies Lake County (2)

LifeAct  (2)

Linda Terdan Photography

Live Action Training 

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (3)

Luxury Limousine Service of Cleveland LLC

M and P Books  

Marion County Historical Society  (2)

Mark Bishop  (4)

Martial Arts Academy  

Mayfield Curling Club  

MedWish International

Mentor Ice Breakers

Mentor Paranormal Society  

Mentor Parks and Recreation  (2)

Mentor Public Library  (3)

Merry-Go-Round Museum  

Mike Manary  

Monroe Falls  

Munroe Falls Paranormal Society  

NASA  (2)

National MS Society  (2)

News Herald  

Nora Stickney  

North Coast Fly Fishers  

North Coast Softball  (5)

North Coast Writer Showcase

Ohio State Reformatory  

Parks Tree  (2)

Parrot Hope  

Paws Ohio

People's Oil and Gas Collaborative  (3) 

Pfabe’s Music  

Quaker Steak and Lube (4)

Rabbit Run Theater  

Rainbows Within Reach  

Red Oak Camp  

Red Wine and Brew 

Retired from Sports 

Retroland Toys  (2)

R-Place Grill  

Safe House  

Show Me the Mone’ Productions  


Small Business Admin  (3)

Smoke BBQ Grill  

Spin City D J svc

Sapphire Photography (2)

Spokes of Green  (2)

Stand for the Silent  

Storm Chaser Erik Burns  

Sub Zero Mission  

Sudden Urge Tattoos  

Team IBB  (2)

The Flying Train Station

The First Tee of Cleveland

The Painesville Speedway

Thieves and Lovers (2)

Thrivent Financials  

TJ’s on the Avenue  

Tri-C Ghost Hunters  (2)

Unique Like Me  

United Way Geauga County   

US Army  (2)

US National Guard  

Vidjecan Vintage  

Western Reserve Rowing   

Willoughby Chamber  (4)  

Willoughby Eastlake Library  (2)

Winking Lizard  

Wyandot Popcorn Museum  (2)

Young People in Recovery  

Youth Challenge  

Park Districts

Ashtabula Metroparks  (3)

Concord Parks & Rec  (2)

Euclid Parks and Rec   

Geauga Park District  (10) 

Lake Metroparks  (15) 

Lorain County Parks  

Painesville Parks and Rec  

Trumbull Metroparks  (2) 


Visitor's Bureaus

Destination Geauga  (2) 

Lake County Visitor’s Bureau  (3) 

Lorain County Visitor’s Bureau  

Mansfield Visitor’s Bureau  

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