Our DJ Staff

Lake Effect Radio is operated by students under the direction of the Department of Student Engagement & Leadership and two faculty advisers


Lake Effect Radio staff is made up of the finest students Lakeland Community College has to offer, whom all share a passion for radio and delivering great content and entertainment.  From our season veterans all the way down to our freshman DJ’s

DJ Staff:


Steve Gagliardi

Dylan Sency            

Scott Barlow      

Mike Tomc         

William Reno

Cullen Bausman

John Mccreery

Ben Matsumoto

Jason Spinks

Megham Laylin

Kaitlynn Robbins


Brandon Bilek

Jermaine Clark

Madeline Cooper

Love Hicks

Jacob Gregory

Mason Cole

Hailey Lardill

Anna Nicole Valletto

Joe Voracek

Timothy Sherman

Gunnar Weidner



Jeremiah Mrazeck          

Tim Pringey              

AnneMarie Karabinus

Rami Gilford

Matthew Bossman

Michael Tomas

Amanda Schein

Allison Airey

James Heckman

Kevin Baxter

Zachary Culpepper

© 2019 by Lakeland's Lake Effect Radio Station

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