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Our DJ Staff


Lake Effect Radio is operated by students under the direction of the Department of Student Engagement & Leadership and two faculty advisers


Lake Effect Radio staff is made up of the finest students Lakeland Community College has to offer, whom all share a passion for radio and delivering great content and entertainment.  From our season veterans all the way down to our freshman DJ’s

DJ Staff:


Steve Gagliardi         

Scott Barlow      

Dave Sarkies

Earlene Bradley

Timmy Russell

Jonathan Luck 

Crash Kowall


Michael Tomc

Krys Johnson

Michael Sukalac

Travis Krebs

Karen Argie

Brett Silbaugh

Dominic Pizone



Jeremiah Mrazeck          

Kevin Baxter

Jessie Jackson

Jim Garrett

John Bennett

Mary Hussain

Steven Kidd

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